General information

The Fin5 Orienteering Week 2014 is organised by Kuusamon Erä-Veikot, a sports club that covers skiing, ski jumping, Nordic combined, orienteering, athletics, bowling, strength sports and swimming.   In 2007, Kuusamon Erä-Veikot organised the World Masters Orienteering Championships, which had 4500 competitors.

Preliminary programme 6–12 July 2014

Sun 6.7   10.00  Opening,  Säkkilä,  

               11.00  1st stage, intermediate distance,  Säkkilä

Mon 7.7   10.00,  2nd stage, long distance,  Säkkilä, 

      19.00  Prize-giving to winners of 1st and 2nd stages  Rukankylä, Tykky

Tue 8.7             Rest & Recreation Day, activities in Ruka/Kuusamo

Wed 9.7  10.00  3rd stage, long distance, Noivioharju, 

               19.00  Prize-giving to 3rd   stage winners, Rukankylä, Tykky

Thu 10.7 14.00-16.00  Rest & Recreation Day, activities in Ruka/Kuusamo, open 

                                  course orienteering, Vasaravaara

Fri 11.7   8.00  4th stage, sprint Ruka Stadium,

               18.00 Prize-giving to 4th stage winners,  Rukankylä,Tykky

Sat 12.7  9.00  5th stage, (chasing starts in Elite categories) Ruka Stadium,

                13.00 Prize-giving at the Competion Centre, Ruka Stadium