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FIN5 2014 Kuusamo

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Enjoy an orienteering holiday in Kuusamo Nature's Own Amusement Park and you  unforgettable experiences in Ruka and Kuusamo!!

The Fin5 Orienteering Week 2014 will be held in Kuusamo in the terrain surrounding the Ruka Resort. Kuusamo's nature provides the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable holiday week spent orienteering.

This year's event is a combination of the traditional Fin5 competition and the Kainuu Orienteering Week as we've added one extra Rest & Recreation Day in the programme, allowing you to enjoy the nature and other activities of the area and relax!

Events will take place in three different Competition Centres, and the first three competition stages will be held in terrain that has never been used for competition.  All competition terrain is well suited for orienteering whether you are an experienced professional or an amateur