Tero Föhr

Tero Föhr won men´s elite competitions. More pictures from Fin5-week you will find from Photo Gallery.

Thank You!

Thank you for visiting us here in Kuusamo and Finland. Welcome back anytime! :)

Fin5  Orienteering Week in


The Fin5 2014 Orienteering Week will be held in Kuusamo on 6-12 July 2014.

Competition Village

The Competition Village is located in the Ruka Village of the Ruka Resort. The Competition Office is located in the Ruka Conference Centre, in Hotel Restel Rukahovi.

The following services are available at the Competition Village: information, hotels, apartments, restaurants, shops, activity programme companies, orienteering supplies stores, sales and demonstration points.

Competition Centres

The Competition Centres are located within a radius of about 10 km from Ruka.

The first two competitions will be held in Säkkilä, along Juumatie road.

The third competition stage is held in Noivioharju along the Mustosenvaarantie  road.

The final two competitions are held in the Competition Village, with the finish line for both at the Ruka Ski Stadium.

The Competition Centres provide the following services:  Information point; first aid; signpost; canteen, cafeteria and kiosk services; washing facilities and toilets. Other services are listed on the website of the event.

For more information contact Secretary General Seppo Linjakumpu or the KEV office.

email: seppo.linjakumpu(at)kev.fi, tel. +358-(0)400-706433, Kuusamon Erä-Veikot Ry, Vanttajantie 6 B, 93600 KUUSAMO, Finland,

Tel.  +358 (0)8 818 1122, fax +358 (0)8 818 1121, kev(at)kev.fi, www.kev.fi